What should I do first after my accident?

Details and memories fade over time, so photograph the scene and any relevant damages as soon as possible. Also, jot down any events shortly before and after the accident, like medical attention, time stuck at home, or new bills.

If anyone else was around to see what happened, try to get their name and contact information. If and when you discuss the event with them, write down notes of what they say so you can convey the most detailed image possible to the court.

What questions might I be asked in court?

  1. They may want to know:
  2. Your past illnesses and injuries.
  3. The gap of time between the incident and the last time you received medical attention previously.
  4. Your professional history.
  5. Whether you’ve ever been a plaintiff or defendant in a similar case before.

These questions can help clarify how inevitable your injury really was, based on your personal habits and nature.

Will I need to pay medical before the investigation is complete?

Normally, they’ll agree to wait at least until you’ve returned to good health. Medical facilities often accept a document called a “letter of protection”, which authorizes full treatment with no up-front payments.

If you lose your case, all the expenses from treatment are your own responsibility. However, either way you most likely won’t be obligated to pay anything before they’re done tending to you.