What should I do after experiencing a slip-and-fall?

The fresher the details are in your memory when you complain, the more accurate a conclusion the court can draw about the event. There are a few actions to consider for keeping memories clear:

  • Photography was invented to make details easier to recall, so take advantage of that if possible. Try to get close-up shots of the spot where you fell, objects you ran into, etc.
  • Carefully store the shoes and clothes you had on at the time for a clearer image of the impact.
  • If possible, alert the location’s management right away.
  • Seek contact info from anyone who was or might’ve been around you at the time of the event.

Doing these things will help the court see what you saw when you were injured.

If the person responsible is someone close to me, do I have to request compensation from them personally?

Not necessarily. If you win in court, you can get your cash from the person’s insurer. Almost every property, personal and public alike, is insured to guarantee the owner remains economically secure should anything happen to it.

So if a loved one has caused you pain, there shouldn’t have to be hard feelings. Their services can right the wrong, giving both of you a win.

Should I delay medical treatment until I’ve met with a lawyer?

You really should seek medical help immediately. Sometimes an injury that looks minor can become much worse within a few short hours. Try to get service from an ER or at least your regular physician. The sooner you’re tended to, the sooner you can return back to normal health.