FAQs about slip/fall lawsuits

What proves the accident was not in any way my fault?
There must be strong evidence that the location where the accident occurred was not cared for as well as possible by the person in charge of it. It must be evident there was a hazard that could have been remedied, but you were forced to work in the area without the necessary precautions. If there’s an indication the person in charge of the operation didn’t keep dangerous obstacles out of the area, clearly they’re at fault.

Do I have to fill out a report right after getting into the accident?
Not technically, but if you can, you should. Fill out a report as soon as possible, that way you can recover as steadily without worry. Mention every critical detail you can remember, such as witnesses, lighting, surface texture, etc. Also try to take photos of the area, so your attorney can see the scene through your eyes and use that insight to support their arguments.

How long after the accident can I file suit?
Your time limit, the official legal term for which is, “statute of limitations”, depends on which state of the country you’re in and whether any personal belongings have also been damaged. If there’s any property damage on top of your bodily injury, there’s more time allotted in some states, and less in others.

How to select an injury attorney in Chula Vista CA

After a severe injury, things may get quiet. But they don’t necessarily get more peaceful. You speak with your insurer and your doctor about the experience, telling them you need their aid in order to bounce back. They say, “We’re here for you”, but they maintain this attitude of entitlement, as they charge you fortunes. Oh, great, another big surprise. What next?

You know there was nothing you could’ve done to deserve your unfortunate situation. But all that your service people seem to care about is catching every loose penny they can get for themselves. So you must ask yourself, Who can help me get through this unscathed? Here are the three factors that will answer that:

  • Openness– Most things you have are there because you stumbled across a commercial or a printing. Advertising is the most effective way to attract customers, because it can be done in a multitude of ways and can be found in numerous places. If a lawyer is speaking out to the world through media, they must be pretty confident and enthusiastic with their accomplishments.
  • Networking– Like snowflakes, no two people are the same. And no one knows absolutely everything about any given field. Make sure your lawyer of choice is surrounded by a large network of knowledgeable professionals. Most firms have about 10-20 associates working under the leadership. Some might have a lot more.
  • Compassion– Intelligence and commitment are key ingredients to success in law; every legal professional must acknowledge every detail they can find, and be willing to rebuttal whenever a point of theirs is criticized. But more than anything, they need a heart that breaks for the underdog and beats for their joy. If your lawyer doesn’t express genuine concern about your well-being early on, they might debate solely to be a champion, rather than what’s in your best interests.

Why you should seek an injury attorney quickly after an auto or personal injury accident

When a personal injury—a slip-and-fall, work accident, vehicle collision, or medical malpractice—occurs, almost everything in the victim’s daily life digresses into the opposite of what previously was. Terrific health becomes horrible, functional property is suddenly useless, and plentiful finances can easily turn scarce.

To make matters worse, it’s usually not the fault of the suffering person. Either way, insurance will usually manipulate the sufferer into agreeing to a cash award that doesn’t quite match the severity of the damage. This way they can maintain all the power and glory they want for themselves by way of enormous wealth.

The bigger the time gap between your injury and your request for an attorney’s help, the easier it is for insurance to convince the top authorities that you should be paying for your own suffering.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible, allowing them to review any papers you’ve received before insurance can develop a master plan to stay exempt from sacrifice that would be inconvenient for them, but tremendously helpful to you.

Just like hesitating can give your insurer more time to think about how to take advantage of you, it can give others involved, such as police, more time to knit-pick specific details in the story of your incident. If any certain indications of questionable choices on your part are dug up, they could be used to imply you brought the mishap on yourself; that you could’ve easily prevented it.

Don’t leave room for doubt of inevitability. Even if a choice of your own increased the likelihood of the event, how can one help but make a little misjudgment now and then? Nobody’s perfect.

Legal services of an injury attorney

Because of our culture, we may be very accustomed to seeing lawyers—real and/or fictional—active only in courtrooms. Many may assume attorneys simply: 1) converse with people with considerable roles in the story of an issue; 2) debate before a higher authority to convince them of the accuracy of one side.

However, even before a trial, attorneys work tirelessly to dig up whatever evidence they can to make it abundantly clear their client’s statement is true.

When asked for legal help after an accident, an injury attorney asks their client to explain the event in as much detail as possible. Between legal actions, they’ll most likely feel they must know about any applicable prior connections between the victim and any people or things involved.

Seeing such a prior history may reveal a continuous pattern of problems indicating a serious issue with someone or something; it’s usually when actions are repeated that they begin to gain notice. In addition, the more continuous a certain action, the easier it is to define someone or something by it.

Next, the lawyer usually asserts what they’ve heard with any medical professionals and insurers that have served them or been considered in light of the accident. The representative goes through the client’s story piece-by-piece, and asks these service-people’s honest opinions on everything.

If they consider charging the client for any useful help, the lawyer attempts to dissuade them by dissecting the injured person’s condition and every surrounding circumstance. Even if they’re not perfectly convinced by the end, you can still be off the hook for a long while, as your attorney reviews any relevant medical or insurance documents before you see them. Consequently, you can make the most informed choice of whether or not to give them what they suggest.

Time limits to file personal injury lawsuits

The sooner a personal injury victim reports an incident to a law firm, the clearer the claim. In California and 23 other states, a claim delayed at least two years is considered impossible to assert convincingly.

On one hand, two years may seem like a pretty long time. However, if you really think about it, hardly a day goes by where there isn’t some kind of big, inevitable demand. So try your best not to delay if you feel you need legal help to bounce back from a severe injury.

The sooner you make that request for an attorney to fight for your rightful compensation, the less actions you’ll be obligated to handle and the quicker you can physically heal. The moment a lawyer agrees to develop an argument in support of your claim of entitlement, you’re off the hook; you can just sit back and relax your way back to normal efficiency until you’re due to appear in court to discuss what happened (if necessary). If they need to hear more information, they’ll let you know.

You may assume you can independently prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’re entitled to a monetary award and you don’t deserve to pay anything. However, being just as serious about wealth and convenience as you are, doctors and insurers are typically even more relentless in argument; they typically won’t quit until they’re no longer able to come up with an answer within a short amount of time.

Lawyers are equally relentless, yet they go far beyond charming talk; they do everything possible to visualize the truth.