How much time do I have before my case can no longer be accepted?

Depending on the state, the maximum time limit ranges from one to six years. Look up the “statute of limitations” in the state where your accident happened. With so much going on in your life, it’s easy to forget a specific event. So do whatever is necessary to keep it fresh on your mind and fit the case into your schedule.

If the other person’s insurer requests a statement, should I send them one?

Check with your lawyer before you ever do this; They’ll know whether or not you should. If the other person’s insurance is asking you for a statement, it’s most likely an attempt to make you look guilty of what happened you.

What constitutes “reasonably safe conditions”?

Every property, personal and public alike, is expected to be organized well enough by their owners and managers for anyone to safely navigate from end to end. There must be a reason—other than a lazy one—why every single thing is where it is.

Those in charge should clean up big spills or messes as quickly as possible. There has to be a substantial amount of space for anyone to safely move about. Everyone who enters should be able to stand in place without getting cramped or losing balance. If any of the above boxes are un-checked and there’s no fair warning, owners and managers could be held fully accountable for injuries.