Can you sue your doctor for failure to diagnose?

Every year, 3 in 20 Americans experience unfair misery because their doctors either:

  1. failed to arrange crucial testing for serious problems
  2. provided the wrong care for a condition
  3. neglected to thoroughly study what was going on

Because people rely so heavily on doctors to guide them through and out of difficult physical situations, these three actions can be seriously hazardous and even fatal. If your physician does one of these three things and your body experiences agonizing consequences, you might be able to get monetary compensation from them.

If your doctor messed up and it affected you in a relatively minor way, don’t expect a cash award. Inherently, there’s a pretty good deal of room for error any time they try to help you overcome something. Some ailments are more complicated, with long lists of potential causes and cures. And multiple ailments have multiple symptoms in common. Therefore, even the clearest details can sometimes throw a doctor off.

Most doctors make a habit of practicing something called the “Differential Method.” This process involves listing all the different conditions that could cause all the symptoms the patient is experiencing. The next step is to arrange for other physicians to do one unique test after another to diagnose the potential ailments. As certain ones are proven incorrect, they’re crossed off. The “Differential Method” has proven to be the most successful strategy for figuring out medical conditions, but some physicians have been reluctant to use it, either because of a stubborn attitude or fear for the patient’s financial security.