FAQs about slip/fall lawsuits

How do I prove I’m completely not at fault for what has happened?
According to the law, if the person in charge of the location where the injury occurred clearly didn’t address any hazards that could be dangerous, it’s all the fault of the one running the operation. It’s that person’s responsibility to keep the place clear of dangers, or at least instill proper safety precautions.

Do I need to fill out a report when I get into an accident?
If you can do that quickly, it’s highly recommended you fill out a report soon after the fall. The quicker you submit a statement, the quicker you can get thorough help recovering physically and financially, so don’t delay when nothing’s in your way. Jot down as much detail about the event as you can recall, including witnesses, lighting, etc. Also, if you can, photograph the location.

How much time do I have to file suit?
It depends on the state. In some states, accidents with more repercussions, like some leading to both physical injury and property damage, can be addressed over a longer span of time, sometimes even years, than a mere injury. In some states, it’s the other way around.

How to select an injury attorney in Chandler AZ

If and when you experience a personal injury, you may endure some agonizing pain. But it doesn’t end with the physical impact. It worsens as you try to recover from the event to your normal life, as you’re hit with expensive bills from the medical and insurance companies.

You may have never even realized you were in any danger in that area. So what sense does that make? You’re seriously getting punished for stumbling?! What did they expect you to do, X-ray everything before you took a step?! That is just not right.

If you hire the right personal injury attorney, you shouldn’t have to take that. Here’s how you know you’ve gotten the best lifeline:

  • Publicity– Advertising is how we usually discover new things. If it weren’t for commercials and printed info-pages, how would we be familiar with half the goods and services out there? Publicizing information means they believe very firmly in what they’re doing, that they’re proud of their work.
  • Community– The people who make the biggest differences are usually surrounded by brilliant colleagues who can contribute unique things that the leader isn’t naturally wired to. As it’s been said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”
  • Empathy– Most lawyers are very driven, extremely committed to fighting until the bitter end for the sake of morality and glory. But not quite every lawyer is hardly concerned about what life has been like lately for the client, which is the essential purpose of the whole fight. A truly good attorney considers a client’s everyday challenges and focuses on ensuring their circumstances are fair. It doesn’t begin in the court; it begins even earlier, in the initial conversation.

Steps to take after an accident

A personal injury can dramatically affect one’s life. Not just your body, but your property and finances, among other things. Of course, your first concern should be your physical well-being; the better your health, the more you can accomplish. But don’t neglect the long-term issues like lost wages and damaged valuables; those things help keep it easier to take care of yourself and stay productive. So here’s the process to go through once the basic health need is handled:

Gather all the evidence you can to get the clearest picture of what happened and who’s responsible. Try to get hold of things like photos, fingerprints, and miscellaneous items you might’ve seen at the location when the incident occurred.

  • Keep a list of the critical things you’ve experienced since the injury. Examples may include missed work, difficulty walking, medical appointments, etc.
  • Collect contact information from anyone who might’ve seen the injury occur. Also jot down any key words they reference about what they saw.
  • Inform all suspects that they might be expected to pay you for any harm they might’ve caused you.
  • File a lawsuit as quickly as possible. Developing an argument for compensation requires a lengthy process. The time limit to file your case depends on the U.S. state you’re in.

Time limits to file personal injury lawsuits

Personal injury law firms strongly recommend you contact them the first chance you get after you’ve been in an accident. Lawyers consider every moment very precious, due to factors such as fading evidence and memories of the event.

Like most other legal issues, investigations into personal injuries can typically begin within two years. If the damage is exceptionally severe, there may not be as much time before the claim can no longer be legally validated.

It’s extremely difficult to compare different degrees of injury when they lead to so much destruction; one car wreck, for example, one accident might cause more damage to the vehicle involved than a different wreck of a lesser degree, though they’re both generally agonizing.

In addition, being cut up and bruised, what time do you have to knit-pick details? An injury lawyer can handle that analysis for you.

With just a simple phone call or e-mail, you can get the justice you deserve without even getting up out of bed, as your personal injury lawyer relays your explanation to your doctor and insurance. If they feel they need to see more evidence to support your claim, it can be abundantly clear to them as long as you’re not too slow to enlist help in the first place.

Why you should seek an injury attorney quickly after an auto or personal injury accident

Because personal injuries are usually quite severe, they usually require substantial amounts of money to bounce back from. Victims need plenty of physical care and tremendous property repair to return to normal life following an incident.

In order for all of this to be done with the utmost accuracy, conversations must be had with doctors and insurers to confirm the severity of the incident, as well as who’s at fault. Once that’s complete, the precise amounts of money needed for recovery can be clearly understood.

Personal injury lawyers give their clients exemption from the obligation to explain what happened, as well as the obligation to pay the monetary value of the damages with their own money. With this legal service, injury victims can simply relax their way through the conditions caused by the accidents.

Lawyers speak to physicians and insurers on behalf of clients, so any words they would most likely say cannot be used to paint them as reckless or guilty. A representative will listen to the story, and then carefully re-phrase what they’ve heard to convince others servicing the victim, that they’re entitled to compensation.

By hearing you out and focusing all their attention on the effects of your accident, personal injury lawyers keep your inconveniences from being doubled, ensuring you don’t have to do anything to right the wrong.