FAQs about slip-and-fall personal injury lawsuits

Who can be held responsible for a slip-and-fall incident?
Any people owning, regulating and/or occupying the area where the incident happened may be penalized. For example, if a company rents space that technically belongs to someone else, the company and the owner could both be found guilty or legally liable. If they receive maintenance from an outside service, that service is also considered a contributor. Anyone with any responsibility to the location can be considered responsible for problems that happen there.

How do I prove I’m entitled to compensation?
The court must see evidence that the accident was impossible for you to avoid. There must be proof that the people owning, regulating and occupying the area did not do everything they possibly could to make it safe, and that you did all you could to navigate safely.

What can I get compensated for if I’m injured?
If the incident is proven to be not at all your own fault, you may owe medical services nothing at all for any treatment they gave you to help you recover from any injuries. If your injury results in lasting mobility problems or physical pain, then applicable mobility support and prescriptions should be totally free. If you didn’t break yourself, you don’t have to pay to fix yourself!