When a personal injury—a slip-and-fall, work accident, vehicle collision, or medical malpractice—occurs, almost everything in the victim’s daily life digresses into the opposite of what previously was. Terrific health becomes horrible, functional property is suddenly useless, and plentiful finances can easily turn scarce.

To make matters worse, it’s usually not the fault of the suffering person. Either way, insurance will usually manipulate the sufferer into agreeing to a cash award that doesn’t quite match the severity of the damage. This way they can maintain all the power and glory they want for themselves by way of enormous wealth.

The bigger the time gap between your injury and your request for an attorney’s help, the easier it is for insurance to convince the top authorities that you should be paying for your own suffering.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible, allowing them to review any papers you’ve received before insurance can develop a master plan to stay exempt from sacrifice that would be inconvenient for them, but tremendously helpful to you.

Just like hesitating can give your insurer more time to think about how to take advantage of you, it can give others involved, such as police, more time to knit-pick specific details in the story of your incident. If any certain indications of questionable choices on your part are dug up, they could be used to imply you brought the mishap on yourself; that you could’ve easily prevented it.

Don’t leave room for doubt of inevitability. Even if a choice of your own increased the likelihood of the event, how can one help but make a little misjudgment now and then? Nobody’s perfect.