You’re barely even in the aftermath of your agonizing injury when documents and demands start flooding your mailbox. Medical insurance and police are mercilessly nagging on you, saying you better hurry up and give them answers and money.

Do they not understand that you can barely even walk around without a heavy ache in your body? Do they not understand that you’re already on a rapid slope to poverty as it is? Apparently, they don’t. This might call for an injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney could be the perfect lifeline if you’re suffering an injury from:

  1. Slipping.
  2. A vehicle collision.
  3. A defective product.
  4. A messed-up or non-consensual medical service.
  5. Chemical poisoning.

If one of these things happened to you and there wasn’t anything you could’ve done to prevent it, this professional could be your “get out of debt free” card. It may be your only chance to avoid replicating your wage losses and to walk away from the incident financially unscathed.

Give them all the details—verbal and visual—you can, and they’ll organize them in the most telling way they can. Defense will try their best to convince the court you brought the problem on yourself in at least some minor way, but you can expect your lawyer to always have a ready comeback and point out how the real story contradicts what they’ve just heard.