The sooner a personal injury victim reports an incident to a law firm, the clearer the claim. In California and 23 other states, a claim delayed at least two years is considered impossible to assert convincingly.

On one hand, two years may seem like a pretty long time. However, if you really think about it, hardly a day goes by where there isn’t some kind of big, inevitable demand. So try your best not to delay if you feel you need legal help to bounce back from a severe injury.

The sooner you make that request for an attorney to fight for your rightful compensation, the less actions you’ll be obligated to handle and the quicker you can physically heal. The moment a lawyer agrees to develop an argument in support of your claim of entitlement, you’re off the hook; you can just sit back and relax your way back to normal efficiency until you’re due to appear in court to discuss what happened (if necessary). If they need to hear more information, they’ll let you know.

You may assume you can independently prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’re entitled to a monetary award and you don’t deserve to pay anything. However, being just as serious about wealth and convenience as you are, doctors and insurers are typically even more relentless in argument; they typically won’t quit until they’re no longer able to come up with an answer within a short amount of time.

Lawyers are equally relentless, yet they go far beyond charming talk; they do everything possible to visualize the truth.