After a severe injury, things may get quiet. But they don’t necessarily get more peaceful. You speak with your insurer and your doctor about the experience, telling them you need their aid in order to bounce back. They say, “We’re here for you”, but they maintain this attitude of entitlement, as they charge you fortunes. Oh, great, another big surprise. What next?

You know there was nothing you could’ve done to deserve your unfortunate situation. But all that your service people seem to care about is catching every loose penny they can get for themselves. So you must ask yourself, Who can help me get through this unscathed? Here are the three factors that will answer that:

  • Openness– Most things you have are there because you stumbled across a commercial or a printing. Advertising is the most effective way to attract customers, because it can be done in a multitude of ways and can be found in numerous places. If a lawyer is speaking out to the world through media, they must be pretty confident and enthusiastic with their accomplishments.
  • Networking– Like snowflakes, no two people are the same. And no one knows absolutely everything about any given field. Make sure your lawyer of choice is surrounded by a large network of knowledgeable professionals. Most firms have about 10-20 associates working under the leadership. Some might have a lot more.
  • Compassion– Intelligence and commitment are key ingredients to success in law; every legal professional must acknowledge every detail they can find, and be willing to rebuttal whenever a point of theirs is criticized. But more than anything, they need a heart that breaks for the underdog and beats for their joy. If your lawyer doesn’t express genuine concern about your well-being early on, they might debate solely to be a champion, rather than what’s in your best interests.