Every now and again, you will stumble or fall down, leaving you with at least a small mark on the exterior or interior of your body. The harder the impact, the more harmful it can be; the more intensely you’re struck, the longer you’ll most likely suffer physically and/or mentally.

Probably the most common causes of physical injury are:

  1. Falling on a poorly-maintained floor or ground
  2. Collisions between automobiles.

In one of these situations, a person is usually “thrown” against something, similar to how a wide receiver spikes a football after making a big TD play. Just like a large machine can be wrecked after being slammed down to the ground, a human body can be severely disabled after a huge blow.

As a result, a person can instantly lose the ability to move around or reach for things, in some cases permanently.

Just as a computer can lose its functions after a hard fall, a person may never be as mentally sharp as they once were after they’ve crashed down. A victim of a slip/fall or vehicle accident may completely forget the role of almost every body part, as well as how to make it function.

A psychological injury can be so severe that almost every task requires the strength of another person to accomplish.