How do I prove I’m completely not at fault for what has happened?
According to the law, if the person in charge of the location where the injury occurred clearly didn’t address any hazards that could be dangerous, it’s all the fault of the one running the operation. It’s that person’s responsibility to keep the place clear of dangers, or at least instill proper safety precautions.

Do I need to fill out a report when I get into an accident?
If you can do that quickly, it’s highly recommended you fill out a report soon after the fall. The quicker you submit a statement, the quicker you can get thorough help recovering physically and financially, so don’t delay when nothing’s in your way. Jot down as much detail about the event as you can recall, including witnesses, lighting, etc. Also, if you can, photograph the location.

How much time do I have to file suit?
It depends on the state. In some states, accidents with more repercussions, like some leading to both physical injury and property damage, can be addressed over a longer span of time, sometimes even years, than a mere injury. In some states, it’s the other way around.