Medical malpractice is one of America’s costliest types of incidents, with an average of 195,000 deaths a year. There has been a national epidemic of reports of multiplied illness and severe injury, due to inappropriate prescriptions, non-consensual treatment performances, denied remedies, and withheld key information.

Within six months to two years, depending on the home state, a victim of medical malpractice can take their doctor to court. If the court sees evidence beyond reasonable doubt that:

  1. The patient permitted the physician to serve them at all.
  2. The physician violated the industry-wide guidelines for serving anyone with the same age range and physical function patterns of said patient.
  3. The injury in question was not present to any extent prior to the physician’s actions.
  4. The effects can easily be specifically identified.

Then the doctor should be found absolutely guilty of malpractice.

Failure is an inevitable outcome for everyone on the planet. We can all make great efforts to stay in line and keep from hurting others, but once in a while, we will be unable to help but slip up. So if you’re thinking of suing your doctor for replicating your already-poor health, you’d better be sure their actions were fairly conscious.